Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis?

The Latin phrase “Quo Vadis”, “where are you going” has religious undertones, appearing in the apocryphal Acts of Peter. Here it has a more general interpretation. This piece was written early in the Covid pandemic when the uncertainty of the situation was becoming clear. Thus, it should be taken as asking more generally “where are we all going?”. Correspondingly, the mood is contemplative and searching, never reaching a real answer.

Quo Vadis?

This version for recorders SATB is the “Play the Recorder Month” composition for 2023. It was included in the Winder 2022 issue of the American Recorder magazine. In the second video below, Emily O’Brien plays the piece, and then I get interviewed. Score, parts, and “minus-one” tracks can be found on the ARS website.

Download link for ARS members

Quo Vadis (sextet version)?

This is a version for recorders SATBGC, which uses the same SATB voices as the quartet, but with added Great and Contra.

Quo Vadis? (string quartet version)

This arrangement was a submission for the Kaleidoscope competition. Available as open source from the UCLA Music Library.