Frippery (2019)


If there is one piece in my catalogue where the title is a giveaway as to my influences, it’s “Frippery”. The title and the sound are a clear reference to the tape loop music of Robert Fripp.

That is not to say that this piece uses strict looping, but the looping influence is clear.

A remarkable feature of this composition is that it can be played by 2,3,4,5,6, or 7 voices: up to four altos and up to three tenors. This is possible because none of the altos and none of the tenors ever play on the same division of the beat, so the alto parts can be collapsed into one instrument, and the same for the tenors.

The version on IMSLP is a shortened version that is written out for one alto and one tenor. Since I’m giving this away for free, why not buy me a coffee?