TennesseeVic / VicDiesel

TennesseeVic and VicDiesel

Once upon a time there was a website called MacJams.com which probably came into being after Apple released Garageband, making it very easy for people (who owned a Mac) to make electronic music, or record “real” music. Anyway. I released music there for a couple of years, say 2002-2006 under the name TennesseeVic. As my sister remarked “And do you expect to get rich that way?”. No, but I had fun. Here are some of the tracks I released there.

After I moved to Texas I had to find a different alias. Having just acquired a modified Acura RSX S-type I settled on VicDiesel.

Oh, there was also (actually, still is) KvRaudio where I sometimes submitted music, mostly in the monthly competition.

Big Man

Downtempo track somehow inspired by a mandolin ensemble sample.

Cello Mello

A melodic piece featuring a cello because, eh, that was the best sampled instrument I had. In this version the cello is real, played by the amazing John Catchings. So grateful!


One of those electronic music magazines (Future Music, Computer Music, I don’t remember) came with a DVD of samples, of, eh, female vocal phrases. I used them in a sultry track.

Holiday on Alcatraz Island

My first attempt at sound manipulation. That is, going beyond a mere classic competition realized with electronic means. This gradually destroys a repeating theme through bitcrushing and granulation and such.

Last Train to Appalachia

How many tracks “Last Train to X” are there in the world? Having lived in Appalachia I decided to do a Deliverance-meets-Oakenfold trance track.

Last Train to Bombay

I reviewed the Krishna synth for some music magazine. This is the demo track that I did with it.

Minstrel Boy

Rebsie Fairholm recorded this traditional tune, and I manipulated her vocals.

Night Calls

No instruments were harmed in making this track. I recorded my walk through the Clarksville neighborhood and then manipulated the recording.

On y dance

Normally I do everything myself. Here I used samples from a record of traditionally French fiddle music, and some loops from a virtual guitarist plugin.

Our Last Night Together

My remix of a track by Jessica.


As a challenge to myself for cramming as many tracks as possible into a composition, I wrote this disco groove with 69 tracks. The thumbnail is a screenshot of my Logic project.

Texas Sunset

Downtempo track somehow inspired by a sunset over Pickle.

Under Reflection

A nice chord progression with lots of electronics. I play a theme on Oud, and then Bernard takes over on guitars.


I don’t remember what the story was with this one.