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I can't speak for how the rest of the world danced this song in the early 60's (trying to recall what grade I was in ... I can remember a friend who could lip sync it so well) but I recall what we did very well.

The song came out around the same time that the song "The mashed potatoe" was popular ... and it was a variation. In the mashed potatoe you "ground" your foot (as if grindiing a cigarette butt to put it out) while pulling it backwards then stepping on to the opposite foot to do the same thing ... simulataneously walking in place while swivelling foot.

The difference with the monster mash was that you would hold arms in goulish positions while doing the mashing footwork.

(remember, this is the period of dancing where we were trying to mimic behaviors/people when dancing: we tried to look like watusi dancers; we mimiced swimming, locomotives, baseball players, surfers ... no one was safe). [Conna Condon]

"Monster Mash" was a hit by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and the Crypt Kickers. The song was a hit twice, in 1962 and again is 1973. The odd thing was, it became a hit again in the summer of 73, rather than around Holloween, which would have made more sense![Brett A. Pasternack]

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