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Subject: Re: Do The Freddy
From: King Pineapple <>
Date: 22 Oct 1998 11:13:19 GMT

BigStar303 <> wrote in article
> <<I heard this song on the radio today, for the first time in many years.
> liked it a lot, esp. the snickering in the background. A nice piece of
> self-parody by Freddy and the Dreamers.>>
> I've pointed out before that the song's novelty nature tends to hide the fact
> that, musically, it's pretty cool. Lots of energy throughout. Solid drumming,
> and dig the back-up vocals.
> Last time I said this, someone said the tune was done entirely with studio
> musicians. This wouldn't surprise me at all, but I wonder if anyone can
> actually verify this.

Yes, this is correct, Mercury Records saw the stage choreography of the
group and decided to commission a pair of songwriters to write the song-one
of them was Dennis Lambert, later producer of the Grass Roots. They then
had American session singers and players lay down the tracks for backing,
then they sent this to Freddy who did the lead vocals. It was only released
in North America, and went to #18. At about the same time Chubby Checker
released a song called "Let's Do The Freddie". The follow-up single in the
US was "A LIttle You" which only made it to #48, and thus it was the band's
final single to crack the top 100.
Remember the old "Addams Family" show, with John Astin as Gomez? "The
Freddie" was his favorite dance.

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