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[Lois Finello] During the early Sixties in the East, some did the "Hully Gully" which was an unstructured sort of line dance and consisted of an endless stream of "steps" which someone called out, and everyone did at the same time. The "steps" (?) were very easy and you only did them for a few seconds, so I think part of the fun was keeping up , and keeping in time with the changes. ( The best professional version I've seen is in the movie "The Blues Brothers" with John Bulushi.)

A few poor discriptions of some of the "steps" I recall:

(We could write a book ;)

Ah, but the * real * step is the Mashed Potatoes, Now, that one (which I have been trying to master for years) if done correctly (not faked) is a joy to behold!!! It's a special sissor type motion with both feet going in opposite direction.

Yes, as someone said "some of it is really silly", but hey, you only live once, enjoy it all! Dancing is fun, isn't it :)

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