Recorder compositions and arrangements

My compositions can be found in a number of places.
  • Follow this blog to learn about new pieces I've written or arranged.
  • Some compositions and arrangements are only available to my Patreon supporters. Just like Telemann: music by subscription.
  • My older compositions can be downloaded for free on IMSLP.
  • Some of my compositions are available as paid download from Tablatur.

Original compositions:

CompositionYearInstrumentationMedia linkAvailable fromNotes
The Courtly Suite2007-2014Recorder and various IMSLPVarious combinations
Gloop2011Tx10IMSLPA written out live looping improvisation
Bubble Machine2012arSSSAATTBG IMSLPFor the inauguration of my Great Bass recorder
Double, double, toil and treble2012AAAA IMSLP
Fifteen Second Symphony2013SATB IMSLPFor the Quartet New Generation
Ostinato a 72014AATTBBGIMSLPEverything about this piece is 7
Passacaglia2015SATBGCIMSLPLike Bach's passacaglia, but different
Deelish2015AATTTTBBBGG(sG)video IMSLP
Scherzo for four quartets2015SATBx4IMSLP
Snowflakes2015SATTBGIMSLPfor a composersforum.ning contest
Another Italian Ground2016TTBBGvideo IMSLPBased on Purcell's famous Italian ground
Cantabile2016AAACvideoPatreonA solo for Contrabass with 3 altos accompanying
Rhythmic Studies2016SATBvideo IMSLP (first 4 movements), Patreon7 movements
Culture of Man2017SSAATTBBGCvideoPatreon
Black Recorder2017SnSSAATTBBGGCvideoTablatur, PatreonInspired by the Black Midi phenomenon
East Texas Landscapes2017SATBvideo TablaturDavid Bruce had nice things to say about this
Folk song and dance2018ATT+viol BBPatreon
Complechtre2018SSSAAATTTBBBGGCvideoPatreonIf Autechre played recorders
Three Teahouses in Chengdu2018AABCsound filePatreonFinalist in the SRP composers competition
Rocky Mountain Waltzes2018SATBvideo IMSLPFor the Denver ARS chapter
Catacombs2019SAATTBBBGGCCvideo TablaturA low and dark piece
Frippery2019ATsound file TablaturA minimal tape loop piece
Suite for Solo Recorder2019S/A/T/BTablaturA baroque dance suite in modern idiom
Sublunary2020SnSSAATTBBGGCsound file TablaturFor the lunar new year


TitleComposerInstrumentationMedia linkAvailable fromNotes
Gold und Silber (Gold and Silver)Franz LeharSnSAATBBGGCVideo Tablatur
VocaliseS. RachmaninoffSAATBBGGCVideo TablaturOriginally violin and piano