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Waltz is being done in many types of dancing, and there are differences between each type, mostly in tempo and style. In Ballroom dancing the waltz is a relatively slow dance with a tempo around 100bpm. It is sometimes called English or slow waltz. The Country waltz is similar to American style ballroom waltz in tempo and figures. It adheres very strictly to the line of dance. In Ballroom there is also the Viennese waltz, which is much faster. Folk-type waltzes are usually fast too, and the character of their moves is different. For instance, the originally Finnish Humppa is a fast waltz with a bouncy character.

The waltz was originally an Austrian peasant dance, and it was already danced at the Hapsburg court in the 17th century. The current waltz grew out of a figure in the contredance. By the start of the nineteenth century it was becoming accepted in high society, though not without opposition from dance masters, clergy, and other guardians of public morals.

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