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v How to get men to waltz

Wearing your lowest cut top and your highest cut bottom, you approach from the rear and put your arm around the most attractive man in the place, gently pulling yourself close, slither yourself around to and up the front of his body, place your other arm around him, letting neither arm come to rest, pull him close, place a cheek upon his, lips barely brushing his ear, and softly say, in your most sultry and dulcet tone "Let's Waltz".

When he says the equivalent of "I can't", take a step back, breaking all contact, bending ever-so-slightly forward from the waist, arms folded below the breasts subtly pushing them up a bit, legs in a solid, far-apart stance and loudly, without shouting, say something like: "You jive fool! I have presented cuts high and low, wrapped and slithered and hugged and rubbed and touched and sultried and dulceted and you have the nerve to tell me you can't Waltz? Well, _learn_!"

Sharply turn your back and slink away using your most seductive, delayed weight-change stride. Find a place to sit and put a pout upon your puss. [IconoClast]

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