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Not exactly web related, here are two endorsements for a store in belly dance paraphernalia.

I've gotten a recommendation for Jehlor's near Seattle, their number is 206-575-8250. They cater to belly-dancers, or so I'm told, so they may or may not have what you're looking for. I have not tried them myself, I just saved the recommendation to try them later.

We regularly purchase from Jehlor. In fact, every once in a while we drive to Seattle just to "see" everything they have. They are FANTASTIC in supplying even the hardest to find of materials and fixtures. As a customer, I strongly endorse Jehlor and I am sure that you will find them to be very professional and helpful.

One place I highly reccomend is Artemis Imports - I ordered a video from her and got it in just a few days. Great service, and she has a lot of nice stuff - plenty of music! There's also a list of music suppliers on the ME Dance resource web site, with links to those that have their own sites.

> Belly Dancing: Sensual, erotic and an inseparable feature of Turkish tradition for centuries

> Belly Dancing sensual or sexual?

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