1.0 Lead/follow concepts

On Nomenclature
On Leading And Following
On How Followers Can Help Beginning Leaders
On What Can Be Led Or Followed
On The Importance Of Dancing With Beginners
On The Way Dancing Is (mis)taught

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I hope that you find the following article helpful; I believe it to be full of valuable tips and discussion. I have compiled it from many different sources and it contains many literal quotes from postings on rec.arts.dance. It is LONG, but by no means complete. If there is anything you would like to add, please email it to me! Also, if you learned something by reading this, let me know. I always appreciate hearing from anyone who uses it.

This file can be obtained in a number of ways. The html version is at http://www.math.ucla.edu/~eijkhout/lead_follow/faq.html There is a PostScript version at ftp://math.ucla.edu/pub/eijkhout/dance/leadfollow.ps Finally, the flat ascii version is at ftp://ftp.std.com/nonprofits/dance/topics/lead-follow-discussion.txt

Since 1991, the following people contributed to this discussion/file: Konstantinos Agouros, Scott Allen, Bruce Anderson, Rick Anderson, Eric Anderson, LA(scubadance@aol.com), Les Aquino, Mike Armstrong, Libby Baker, Mark Balzer, Ron Bass, Sheena Beaverson, Phyllis Bennet, Lani Bertino, Skippy Blair, Mark J. Bobak, Albert Boulanger, Andy Bouman, Glenn Braunstein, Eric Brennan, Reid (Turtle) Alyn Brennen, Laurie Brown, Bernhard Burger, Cheri Burk, Vanessa Calvin, Linda Chanda, Lawrence C. Chen, Charlie J. Coats, Jr., Dave Coffman, Michael M Cohen, Roy Conley, Enio Cordoba, Danny Cornett, Scott Cousens, Ron Daves, Emily Denton, Ann Detsch, Warren J. Dew, Rahul Dhesi, Don Deyne, Dorothy Drennen, Jay Dusenbury, Elizabeth Earhart, Victor Eijkhout, Dan Eshner, Keith (kflatt@usit.net), Jody Frease, Renee Gallagher, David M Gambs, Mary Gastil, Tim van Gelder, Stan Graves, Robinne Gray, Arthur Greenberg, Carl Hage, Kris Hagerty, Jamie Hanrahan, Bill Harwood, Marni Holcomb, Jochen Hollmann, Jennie Holmes, Matthew Hutcheson, Joseph E. Huesmann, Icono Clast, Jerry (jerryct@aol.com), Peter Kacandes, Travis Kershner, Jeff Kletsky, Charles Koeppen, Glen Kohler, Kara Kruse, Ellen Lamel, Linda Lane, Bill Lapworth, Jon Leech, Barry Leiba, George Lindholm, Ching Liu, Ted Llewellyn, Victor Lukas, Jon Lyons, Michael Malak, mike (madles@aol.com), Pete V. McCracken, Bart McJunkin, Emily Mechner, Mark M Mehl, Shahrukh Merchant, Sherri Mertle, Christopher Meyer, Roger Miller, Brent Morgan, Richard Moroney, Andrew Morse, Craig Mowrey, Shawne Neeper, Mark Newman, Ronald H. Nicholson, Jr., Bob Norton, Deborah Statler Owens, Rich Parker, Laura Fiona Pearson, Greg Pelts, Judy Pritchett, David Raines, R. Bruce Rakes, Debbie Ramsey, H Leon Raper, Gary Rappl, Peter Renzland, David Rhodes, Stepan Riha, George Ryan, Andre Gene Samson, Horst Severini, Mark Sheldon, Bill Sherman, Kathie Sindt, Joe Slater, Dave Smart, Smcnyb (smcnyb@aol.com), Michael W. Smith, Jim Starr, Mata Stevenson, Linda Stringer, Dr. Richard Stroll, Chip Sumner, Matyas Sustik, Lee M. Thompson-Herbert, R. Mayo Tsuzuki, Donald Uher, Thom W.(Fantango+@aol.com), Mike Wachal, Dennis Waite, Lynn Warner, Joe Way, Sy Weiner, Karen White, Yllen, Bruce York, Gail Zacharias and many others.

When I first started this compilation, it was to be solely for my own use, and so I didn't keep a list of contributors. If you see something in here that you wrote, email me at m-balzer@uiuc.edu and I will gladly include your name in this list of contributors.

All material preceded by an asterisk, including the general format, is taken with permission from Matthew Hutcheson's copyrighted "Leading and Following Tips"

Mark Balzer m-balzer@uiuc.edu 12/25/95

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