2.9 On Tips For Leaders

1) Begin the lead one to two beats ahead of the move; e.g., if you're doing triple-step-triple-step-rock-step, then use the momentum of the rock-step to lead the next figure.

2) Accomplish tip #1 by getting your own momentum going early. She will be able to sense the change in weight and momentum. The "hand" lead should be a natural extension of the momentum lead, feeling almost superfluous.

3) Accomplish tip #2 by visualizing the next move in advance in your mind. If you fail to completely visualize the move, then just go into a move you know better, even if it's just a basic (just go back and forth between open and closed positions if you have to). By sticking with what you can visualize, you have a better lead and your partner remains at ease.

4) When all else fails send flowers the next day.

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