3.0 Specific to Hustle

On The Count In Hustle
On Tempo For Hustle
On Style Variations In Hustle
On Rock Steps In Hustle
On The Character Of Hustle
On Slotted Hustle

(12&3 count used throughout this section)

Hustle is a partner dance done in a slotted pattern similar to WCS. And just like WCS, it can be danced very smooooothly, or with a lot of snap, acceleration and posing (vogue). Hustle began, freeform, in discos as a dance with simple footwork and a simple count; 1, 2 &3 (SQQS). In 3 count Hustle the pattern repeats every three beats, so to 4/4 music the accent changes continuously with respect to the pattern as the same step can fall either on a down or up beat. Typical Hustle music has every beat accented (e.g. the thump-thump-thump-thump of the bass drum in 1978 top 10 music) which is why disco music is so suitable for Hustle. In disco music there is no swing feel, so if your feet feel uncomfortable doing these '&' steps, it's because there is nothing to step to. The 2&3 in Hustle is a coaster step, which has a very smooth feel, hence does not emphasize the split point of the beat.

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