7.11 On Turns In Closed Dance Position

Turns are difficult in Closed Position because it is very easy to lose balance and get out of position w.r.t. your partner. Keep relative positions - each person has a "window" formed by arm, shoulder and head to look through. - "Don't lose your window as you turn" Each partner must work equally hard to maintain their window, adjusting their own body to their partner's. In closed dance position, always look and stay "left". When you look at your partner you encroach on your partner's space and you begin stepping on your partner's feet.

As Phil Adams explains couple pivots in closed dance position, the lady provides the momentum for her forward movement. In pivots or V. Waltz turns, the person going forward provides the POWER for the partnership - most of the top-ranked coaches that I've had describe this as, "The person going forward drives the couple." And both members of the couple have to provide power when in promenade. When you and your partner are providing equal and complementary and appropriate amounts of "drive" in the V. Waltz half-turns, the result is absolutely magical... Note that the lady does not "lead" when she is going forward.

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