From: (Tom Paderna) Subject: BBB97 Competition Song List Newsgroups: Date: 21 Oct 1997 06:15:01 GMT At Last! Here is the much requested Competitions Song List from Boogie By the Bay 97. (Sorry it took a little long to get this list out. Each year, it seems that it takes a little longer every year to recover from the three day long party!) We did something a little different this year. Three songs were played for the Jack & Jill prelims to test the dancers. The objective was to give the competitors a chance to show how well they could dance to different speeds and different *styles* of music that we hear on the social dance floor (out west). So there was on song played from each of three mini-discs. One mini was set up to play Mainstream R & B, one to play a Contemporary swing song, and one to play a Very Slow swing song. I felt that this gave each contestant a good chance to show off their ability, challenged by the the style and speed of music they danced to. I think, overall, that the concept was well received. For the Strictly Swing and the Jack & Jill Finals, "Finals Music" (listed below) was used. A few songs were dropped or added to the list as the weekend progressed. There are some old revivals here that I haven't heard in contest for a couple of years, plus some new up-and-coming tunes, plus some tried and true contest music. This year, as in the last three years, I chose all the music. So I deserve all the blame. Thanks Again to all who came and especially the contestants who have been terrific at pushing the envelope while holding to the rules. - Tom Paderna * Mainstream Swing, R & B How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong - James Cotton Whatjadodatfo - Catalinas Some Change - Alan Price I'm On A Rocket - Liz Mandeville Lovesick Blues - Etta James Shagging the Night Away - The Showmen Who's Watching Who - Aquablue Should Be You & Me - Powder Blues Get Ready - Buddy Taylor Victimized - Celinda Pink *Contemporary Swing Who Do You Think You Are - Spice Girls Red Beans & Rice - Jazz Crusaders All Night Thing - Invisible Man's Band Digging on James Brown - Tower of Power Shake Your Groove Thing - Peaches & Herb SuperFreak - Rick James Take Your Time - Maximillian Stuff Like That - Quincy Jones Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind & Fire We Gets Up - Prince * Slow Swing My Love is Chemical - Lou Reed I Can't Stand The Rain - Commitments Sweat - Poppa Chubby Don't Look Back - Poppa Chubby Change The World - Eric Clapton Little Head - John Hiatt * Finals Music Move Across the River - Bill Pinkney It's Better To Have - Don Covay Classy Chassis - Roach Thompson A Little Knowledge - Tower of Power Farmer John - Roomful of Blues Harlem Hit Parade - Little Isidore I Want - Chaka Khan Living in America - James Brown Pickin The Blues - Dr. Hector Baby Workout - George Benson Just a Little Bit - Lee Atwater Johnny B Goode - Elton John Barefootin - Sheiks of Shag Get Ready - Buddy Taylor Should Be You & Me - Powder Blues Lipstick, Powder & Paint - Shaky Jake Oh yeah, the usual disclaimer - I don't sell a tape, CD or mini of this (or any) music, so please don't ask. You'll have to find this music on your own. Try Judy's House of Oldies, 1-800-ASK-TOWER, or CDNOW.COM. If you weren't able to attend, I hope that you can attend next year. You missed a very fun event with high caliber of dancing, teaching and competition. You also missed a very funny flipper dance that you'll have to get the video to see (B&S Video will be out with it soon). We're going to a bigger space with even more people and fun next year. Thanks All for Making this the Best Boogie Ever! Keep it Fun! < ! > <gahh - signature disguised due to unfortunate increase in spams. Can you spell 'hooked'?>