This compilation of posts on foot positions has been collected by Mark Balzer Regarding Foot Positions, I will quote directly from the Dance Terminology Notebook published by Skippy Blair for the Golden State Dance Teachers Assn. 1st Position Feet Together, heels touching and toes about a thumb's-width apart. 2nd Position Direct Side, feet apart with the same extra distance between toes , rather than the heels - (my comment: about shoulder width apart). 3rd Position Heel to Instep at an angle that allows both knees to face forward then (and if) they are bent. 4th Position A Walking Step, one foot in front of the other, with a line through the center of the heel and the center of the big toe (walking a straight line or one that curves). 5th Position Toe of one foot placed behind the Heel of the other foot. Hook and Cross Are also foot positions. If one learns Foot Positions it makes their life a lot easier when attend dance lessons or dance workshops. Most of the pros on the dance instruction circuit use foot positions - it is a great help. H. Leon Raper From: (EEarhart) Subject: Re: Foot Positions 1 thru 5 Date: 24 Aug 1995 10:22:27 -0400 The foot positions you list are the "parallel" foot positions. Usually when people refer to foot positions by number, they mean the turned-out ballet/modern foot positions. 1st \ / \/ 2nd \ / \ / 3rd \ \/ / 4th \ \ / / 5th \ \ / / -Elizabeth