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Quickstep was primarilly a English version and a dance masters version of the Peabody.

We have a 1927 British manual that describes the quickstep as a fast foxtrot. The section is headed "The Quickstep or Quick Fox Trot" and the author complains it was forced on the public by bands playing too fast. None of our other 20s manuals describe the quickstep or Peabody.

The peabody was done before Quickstep. Quickstep became a more foralized version to be done to music over x nuber of beats per min.
Varried according to which Dance Master/studio. Have talked to older dancers who learned from their parents who were doing Peabody in later teens (1917 on).

All the steps I have been taught as 1920s Peabody are in 1910s and 1920s fox trot instructions, and some also belong to the 1910s one-step. However, I have not seen the term "Peabody" used in any 1910s manual.

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