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Here is the home page of the "Forever Tango" show: http://www.webcom.com/shownet/tango/index.html

The unmoderated mailing list "TANGO-L" has been created for discussion about any and all aspects of the dance of Tango Argentino (Argentine Tango). It is specifically intended to cover the Argentine form of this dance, rather than the International Standard or American Social "ballroom" forms, but articles about the latter may be appropriate insofar as they are being contrasted to or otherwise refer to the Argentine form.

The mailing list is set up as a reflector, so that any article mailed to the list at tango-L@mitvma.mit.edu will be redistributed automatically to all subscribers of the list. This list is available in a (daily) digest form.

Anyone can subscribe by sending a message to listserv@mitvma.mit.edu , with the following command in the BODY of the message (the "Subject:" line is ignored): subscribe tango-L Your Full Name
set tango-L digest

(Use the second command only if you want a digest format, and remember to replace "Your Full Name" with your real full name--spaces, punctuation, etc. are fine.)

This mailing list is being sponsored by the MIT Ballroom Dance Club, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Room W20-401, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Questions: tango-L-request@mitvma.mit.edu (Shahrukh Merchant).

This is the Tango Server: http://litwww.epfl.ch/tango/ .

For Argentine tango videos, music, et cetera, check out http://www.tangobridge.com/dtango7 This website has a catalog of Tango Products includes many selections of Tango CDs, categorized by time period along with brief historical descriptions so that you have some idea of what you are getting, and whether it is danceable or for listening.

If you want to know what the excitement is about Argentine Tango, there are three one-hour Videos taken from the archives of Solo Tango, the full-time tango TV station in Buenos Aires. These programs are a mixture of Stage/Exhibition sequences, "MTV-like" music videos (except that many of these are from the 1950's!), and footage performances by famous orchestras.

Daniel Trenner has been teaching Argentine Style Tango for a number of years. He has also led four Bridge to the Tango Tours to Buenos Aires, and the fifth one, limited to 35 dancers, is scheduled for March of 1997. Daniel regulary tours the United States and Europe giving tango workshops for both beginning and continuing level dancers.

Daniel Trenner can be contacted by email at dtango7@aoll.com

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