Nightclub two-step

> Did Buddy Schwimmer invent N2S?

> Even older source for N2S

v Traveling patterns in N2S

>But you know what is even worse? Niteclub 2-step! No slot at all!
>People are always running into each other during this dance.

Ah, NC2S. Well, you could say the same of Rumba or Mambo or Cha-Cha if you do NC2S in place, or of Foxtrot or Waltz if you do your NC2S with travelling steps. There are two schools of thought there. Michael Kiehm teaches this with some travelling patterns. But I've heard Buddy Schwimmer in workshops berating the notion that the dance should travel -- "I invented this as a nightclub dance and there's no room in nightclubs to travel!" Well, that's often true, but not always. Personally (I am going to buck an authority here, since it suits me, where above I gladly cite authority where they back me up :-) think the travelling adds too much drama and beauty to the dance to leave it out completely.

Alas for too many folks who try this, NC2S is their ONLY travelling dance, and they have only dim awareness of the "line of dance" concept.[Jamie Hanrahan]

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