Lindy Hop

Web Sites

The World Lindy Hop Federation: and the Archives of Early Lindy Hop maintained by (Judy Pritchett) .

There is a mailing list; see below.

A Lindy page, based out of San Francisco:

Mailing lists

There is a Swedish-based mailing list and archive for information about Lindy Hop, with a focus on Lindy in Europe. Maintainer is Oliver Trepte,

Subscribe: send an email with the body text "subscribe lindy" to . Emails to are forwarded to the list members.

Further info: send an email with the body text "info lindy" to .

"Unbeknownest to many, the sounds of the big band and swing eras is making a comeback in clubs all over the United States. With the heart of the revival in San Francicsco and Los Angeles, many bands are exploring the sounds of yesterday and making them unmistakably their own for today."

Thus states the introductory info on the Swing mailing list at owned by

Subscription info: The admin address is used to subscribe,unsubscribe, set options.

The following commands must be sent in an email message to the Admin Address listed above. The subject line may be blank.

To subscribe: SUBSCRIBE SWING Note: will not work if you do not add your name

To unsubscribe: UNSUBSCRIBE SWING Note: You must do this from the same email address that you used to subscribe. Check your "Reply-To" header in your mail client to confirm this. is also the administrator of a swing mailing list.

Rock and Roll

Differences with other forms of swing.

Here is a page about Rock and roll in Germany:

Posture in Lindy Hop

Those old Lindy dancers look all hunched over!

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