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v Pachanga cha

I had the Pleasure of introducing Pachanga-Cha to the West Coast in the early 50's. All things have a reason for happening & Pachanga-Cha came about as a combination of the then popular Pachanga and Cha Cha which was popular but at that time a very subtle dance. Bear with Me as I break down the Basic Step. There are in essence technically 8 beats in a measure of music. 1&2&3&4&. The male or lead footwork is as follows---In place left on 1--back right on 2--In place left on 3--side step right on 4--left together with the right on &--side right on 1--bring left foot slightly touching right foot on &--put left foot back where it was on 2--bring right foot slightly touching left foot on &--put right foot back where it was on 3--bring left foot slightly touching right foot on &--then put left foot back where it was on 4--bring foot together to left foot with weight on &--then side left on 1--repeat same sequence as you did on the right unit--repeat as often as you like. You can come out where you went in and that is when your left foot is on 1 in the left unit. take your time (real slow) Girl or follower does direct opposite. This pattern is not easy to break down or teach vis E-Mail but if you have a problem E-Mail Me and I'll do what I can. If You Master the Pachanga-Cha techniqueYou can infiltrate it into all chacha patterns making them come alive almost like a whole new dance. When My Partner Reina & I did it During a Mambo U.S.A. Show the crowd went crazy and so did Perez Prado. Have Fun [Kenny Wetzel]

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