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There are TWO ballroom mailing lists for discussion of any aspect of ballroom, swing, and related dancing (e.g., places to dance, announcement of special events, exchange of information about clubs, ballroom dance music, discussion of dances, steps, technique, dance etiquette); one is moderated (BALLRM-M) and the other unmoderated (BALLROOM). BALLRM-M receives a proper subset of articles sent to BALLROOM. Each is also available as a digest (daily for BALLROOM and weekly for BALLRM-M). To subscribe, send e-mail to with the following command(s) in the BODY of the message (replace LISTNAME with BALLROOM or BALLRM-M): subscribe LISTNAME Yourfirstname Yourlastname
set LISTNAME digest
(Use the second command only if you want a digest format.)

Note that BALLROOM is gatewayed to the Usenet Newsgroup Anything mailed to the list is posted to, and anything *ballroom-related* in is mailed to the list.

This list is sponsored by the MIT Ballroom Dance Club, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Room W20-401, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139, USA.

Questions: (Shahrukh Merchant).

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