Health issues in dancing

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> Athletic creams

v Blisters

Blisters are a common problem for marathoners and other long-distance runners. The recommended way of dealing with them is to disinfect the area of the blister with alcohol, disinfect a needle in a flame or with alcohol, and puncture the blister to remove the fluid *without tearing or removing the skin*. then apply a band-aid to the area. This process is painless and recovery is rapid; it will heal in about 24 hours. See the latest issue of Runners World magazine (Jan 1997), which has an article on footcare. That article contains other information that may also be of interest to dancers. Also, the following on-line document has links to home remedies for running-related injuries, including minor ones like blisters: Some believe that coating sensitive areas of the foot with vaseline or talcum powder will prevent blisters, but I've found it to be uncomfortable and ineffective. [Aria Nosratinia]

> Colds

> Injuries

> Losing weight

> Morton's Neuroma

> Joints, in particular knees and ankles

> Perspiration

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