Dancing in boots

It's a common misconception that boots are made for walking, not dancing:

One simply can't dance using (advance/desired) IS/AS technique in boots, unless the boots are modified versions that really work like ballroom shoes. Cowboy boots are designed for riding horses and rugged outdoor activities, with their hard bottoms and over-tight or over-loose calf support. [avid dancer]

Some of the replies:

Cowboy boots made for walking and riding were "booted" by C/W dance competitors years ago. They were replaced by Evenin' Star boots made by dancers for dancers. They are light weight dance shoes shaped like cowboy boots. They do have heel heights similar to Latin shoes but the heels are slightly wider. The heels come standard with rubber caps but the thin dance soles are dance suede/chrome leather. [Mike Corbett]

Enter "Evening Star boots" in a Google search and see what you get back. I own two pair of their "XP" models that are shankless. If you can point your toe without boots, you'll be able to point your toe with these boots. They are specially designed for dancers. There are also other manufacturers scattered around the country as well. [Bob Wheatley]

Dance boots are a compromise, because you have to dance cha-cha, two-step, waltz in them, but they are nothing like the kind of cowboy boots you wear riding a horse. [Victor Eijkhout]

I guess you've havent been to a rodeo recently. Many of the top riders are wearing Evenin' Stars because they are supple and light weight which improves their spurring technique. [Fred Miner]

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