Dancing is forbidden, heathen, barbaric.

Through the years, various people have banned dancing, or at least advocated doing so. Here are a few examples.

v Fad dances banned at Brigham Young U (1966)

[From the Winter '99/'00 issue of Brigham Young Magazine in an article titled "Stories of the Century" interesting. Originally published in 1966:]


"The monkey, the dog, the frug---everyone at BYU was doing them; that is, until President Wilkinson gave a controversial speech at the beginning of the year banning all fad dances. The student body split into two opposing camps, one arguing that such dances were indeed against Church standards, the others saying there was nothing wrong with them. Discussions grew heated, and prejudiced letters to the editor filled the columns of the 'Universe' until the issue was finally settled by a letter from President McKay. Verdict---No. The decision brought the campus nationwide news coverage and encouraged comment on the other campuses."

> Twisting banned in Bufffalo (1962)

> Adventist students sanctioned for attending dance (2001)

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