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Juliet Prowse, who for years presented Championship Ballroom Dancing, died on September 15, 1996.

Juliet Prowse was only 59. Was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago and the chemotherapy ruined her kidneys. She died at home in California. I filed a newsspot for NPR for tonight's five o'clock newscast so some of you may have heard that. She was trained as a ballerina, but became a big movie star with her debut in Can Can opposite Frank Sinatra. Hermes Pan discovered her in South Africa, where she was a dancer in the Johannesburg ballet. She had the most gorgeous legs I've ever seen and her smile was unforgettable. She was romantically linked with Sinatra and later with Elvis Presley, with whom she starred in GI Blues. She never stopped working, continuing to adjust to the times, becoming a commentator for Ballroom competitions. Juliet Prowse was gracious and kind and very much loved in show business. She leaves a son, her mother and a longtime companion. [ ]

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