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Description: Finishing dance floors Having just completed yet another refinishing job on dance floors I have gained a moderate amount of knowledge in this field. I must say this is a job that is VERY labor intensive. It also requires patience I do not recommend Polyurethane, although it looks "pretty" it is not functional as a dance floor. I do recommend "Dura-seal" the kind without Polyurethane. In the color of your choice. Keep in mind not much of the color will be seen. However, don't mix them because it will be obvious. Steps: 1. Sand floors remove all of the old finish. Use a drum sander for the major part of the work and an edge sander for the rest. 2. Throughly clean the floor. But, don't use a liquid, it will cause you to loose a whole day. 3. Apply the first coat of Dura-seal. There will be three. This should be the thickest coat. Application instructions are provided on the can you can follow these for the product. I also recommend the Quart size of Dura-seal. The gallon size is a different formula which takes longer to dry. 4. Allow 24 hrs for the first coat to dry. 5. With 100 (00) sand paper remove ALL the dura-seal on the SURFACE of the floor. 6. apply a second and third coat of dura-seal. Allow 8-12 hrs of dry time between coats. 7. Remove ALL dura-seal from the surface of the floor. If any dura-seal remains on the surface of the floor it will feel sticky in dance shoes. You REALLY want to dance right on the wood of the floor. Once you have completed this process the floor should last about 20-30 years. If you plan ahead you should be able to finish a floor in about 3 days (depending on the size of the floor). I finished 2600 sq ft. in three days with one helper. Good Luck Mark

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