Dance on film


See in the Apache section.


Rent a copy of the original version of 'It's A Wonderful Life' with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. There's a scene with a dance contest held in the local high school gymnasium. A few of the couples are doing Charleston, including our heros, Jimmy and Donna. It's just a short bit, but it shows what I imagine to be some of the more popular moves of that time/era/genre.

Disco dancing and hustle

See on the Hustle page.


During the lambada craze several entirely forgettable lambada films were made. Check out "The Forbidden Dance" which can be summarised as "save the rainforest by winning a dance contest".


Steve Martin's (pretty awful, if you ask me) "My Blue Haven" has a hilarious Merengue scene.


See on the swing page.


See in the tango section.


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