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With some help from Dan Pearl, Bob wrote a booklet called _All Mixed Up: A guide for Sound Production for Folk and Dance Music_

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From: (Bob Mills)

For those who have web access and already have the book, I'm adding new information and links on my home page:

The 2nd Edition of 'All Mixed Up', my booklet on running sound for dances, is now available! You may have seen this mentioned on the net or in Gene Murrow's article in the CDSS News, but here's a little more detail.

The original "All Mixed Up" had 22 pages plus a 4 page foldover quick-reference insert. It took me 2 weeks to write as a 45 page draft, and then 2 years to edit down to just the nitty-gritty. During this period, it was tested with many sound classes I ran at dance camps, to make sure it clearly answered the most-asked questions, but also dealt with more subtle issues that experienced sound people run into. Caller Dan Pearl contributed clarifying illustrations.

The 2nd edition of All Mixed Up is 24 jam-packed pages plus insert, and has numerous revisions and clarifications throughout the text, based on reader feedback and my experiences in workshops and running sound over the additional 2 years since the first edition.

There are also some specific major changes, including substantial new text on direct inputs, pickups and on-board mics, phantom power, and hearing safety and sound levels. In addition, the sections on miking and EQ, extra speakers, and buying equipment have been extensively revised and expanded. It has a handsome new phosphorescent lime green cover, and by popular demand, a picture of the author juggling a tenor banjo. ;)

There are TWO ways to order "All Mixed Up":

- from the CDSS bookstore: 17 New South Street, Northampton, MA 01060-4075. They take credit cards, but have to charge slightly more ($5.50 plus shipping and handling). 413-584-9913. - directly from me for $5, domestic shipping included. I mail the booklet when I get your check (not from lack of trust, just gives me a way to keep it straight with the least follow-up).

I get more money if you order it directly, but I encourage people to order it from CDSS if convenient, because I'm much more interested in them taking a proactive role on this type of issue than I am in a minor change in my income.

Thanks for your interest in this subject!

Bob Mills
NoiseToys phone: 1-908-359-1837
PO Box 513
Princeton, NJ 08502

PS Several groups (festivals, dance series with multiple sound personnel) have ordered large numbers for special events, and I give a discount for this.

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