v Variable speed cassette recorders

Variable speed cassette recorders were a major problem up until the karaoke craze created a bigger demand for such equipment.

A unit that has satisfied users is a JVC: TDW318BK. It costs a good 200 dollars.

There are small karaoke units with a pitch control, dual tape players, and dual microphone inputs that I've seen at places such as COSTCO (here on West coast). Can also feed out to external speakers. Sound quality is not exceptional but price is right. It's more difficult to find a boom box with all of these features (some have pitch control but no mic inputs and vice-versa). Have even found AIWA units with 3-disc CD player, dual mic inputs (with separate vol. control for the mics), and lots of power (30-40 watts/channel) on sale for much less than $300.

I know of at least three dance instructors who have the Aiwa, 3-disc unit (including myself). Becuase the 3-disc carousel lets you change the other two CD's while one is playing, you have to be a bit thoughtful about what you're doing. If you are careful/thoughtful, you can minimize jamming probs. I've been using my unit for almost 2-years, 2-3 times a week, and only had probs when I first gor started (operator error in using the disc changing feature while a CD was playing). I've since taught myself not to do that and have almost zero probs with my unit. I've not heard complaints from the other teachers who have similar units. [RMZamora ]

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