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What other dance-related newsgroups are there?

Newsgroups are in several hierarchies. The big eight are the groups that start with comp, news, misc, rec, talk, sci, soc, humanities. These can be assumed to be on any system that receives news, and for such a group to be created involves a voting process that gives it some legitimacy. Groups starting with alt, on the other hand, can be created (or deleted) on a whim. Hence your system may not carry all of them. (The story is actually a bit more complicated. Read various files on news.newusers.questions , and alt.config .) Even groups in the rec hierarchy need not be on all systems, since some sysadmins frown upon such frivolous topics.

Henry Neeman's hotlist has a section with dance-related newsgroups: http://zeus.ncsa.uiuc.edu:8080/~hneeman/dance_hotlist.html#newsgroups .

Dance groups

Music groups

See also the section on salsa and latin dance: (5.6)

Non-english language groups

Does anyone archive newsgroup postings?

Old newsgroup posting for (practically) all newsgroups are kept at the following location: http://dejanews.com/ . A similar site is Alta Vista http://www.altavista.digital.com/ which in addition can do a keyword search on web pages.

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