These are mostly collaborations on the late and lamented macjams website. Some are composed by me, others by others.

Cello Mello

One of my earliest Logic tracks. John Catchings played a wonderful live version of my crappy sequenced cello melody.



A downtempo track based on an a capella by the inimitable Char.

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The Midsummer Grove

Graham Metcalfe added some great electronics to my flute noodling.

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Pass it on

The “Pass it on” project on MacJams. I got a bunch of stems, added my own, passed it on.

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I played recorder on a film soundtrack by John Hulaton


Without you

I added a recorder solo to a song by Adam Clarke


The Huron Carol

I added a bunch of recorders to a modern version of the Huron Carol


Los Bilbilicos

A ton of synthesizers, at least 5 recorders, some percussion, an oud and saz, and the amazing vocals of Javier Palacios


Under reflection

I wrote this as an electronic track, with an oud melody, to which Bernard Guy added some great guitar work.