3.2 On Tempo For Hustle

Times, and terminology, and the dance, have changed. The way Michael Kiehm describes it: We now tend to dance Hustle to slower music than was used in the disco era. This encourages longer slots and greater extension... which makes it more difficult to adapt when a really fast song is played. (But it also gives more time for styling and for hitting your lines more clearly.) I was in a Hustle workshop he did a few years ago during which, just ,as an aside, he played some "old time disco music". We were all huffing and puffing by the end of the first piece. We can dance Hustle up to about 140+ bpm, but I'd say the more comfortable (i.e., normal) range is 110-124 bpm. It is even comfortable down in the 100 bpm range. So the range is about the same as WCS, but a little narrower (i.e., it doesn't work well on the low and high ends of WCS bpm ranges).

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