Quartet for AAAC, with the Contra in the leading role.


Canonic Chaconne for 4 basses and optional continuo.

East Texas Landscapes

Five-movement suite for SATB.

Rocky Mountain Waltzes

Lots of three-timing for SATB (or Great).

Rhythmic Studies

Seven exercises in ensemble play for SATB.


Two pieces for equal F instruments (AAAA and BBBB preferred).

Three Teahouses in Chengdu

A challenging but rewarding quartet for F recorders: AABC. This was a finalist at the SRP composers competition.

Alkan preludes

Three romantic piano preludes.

Recorder Quartets

You’d think these is enough quartet music in the world. Sometimes I still write for it. Sometimes SATB, sometimes BBBB, or something weird like AAAContra. This is just a listing of my quartets; see the individual pages for details.